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Address: B1410, Fukang building, 77Gongkang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang.




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About us


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    Zhejiang Woluoda Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Fukang building, Gongshu District Gongkang Road,Hangzhou.The company focused on R & D and production of energy, environmental technology and equipment.It mainly serves all kinds of burning market and has 48 kinds of patents.In 2015, it was identified by the national high-tech enterprises and was selected for three years.The product application has covered military, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical fiber, ceramic, textile, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, glass and other industries. At present, the company is striving to forge ahead with the goal of "being a leader in the energy saving industry" and creating a "10 billion market value listed company on the main board" within 5 years.

  Core products of the company 

  1、Intelligent Accumulative Heating Technology without Induced Fan and Selector Valve

  2、On-line Converter Back Alloy Baking System

  3、Steam Hydrogen Production Technology

  4、Automatic Ignition Technology of Low Calorific Value Gas

      5、Oxygen production technology

    Researchh and development capability

  The company, in cooperation with a number of domestic research institutes, established a R & D team headed by Dr. Jia Guixi and Dr. Li Jubo, and established the research and development center of the Luoyang regenerative flame burning energy saving technology application. By the end of 2017, a total of 48 patents were obtained. Four categories of patent products with independent intellectual property rights have been successfully developed.

   Market capacity

    Through investigation, the technology can be applied and popularized in the fields of metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, textile, glass, electronics and other fields.

   The domestic gas consumption in 2016 is 205 billion 800 million cubic meters, according to the average energy saving 15% calculation (conservative estimate), saving 30 billion cubic meters of gas more than 30 billion cubic meters per year, the market capacity reaches hundreds of billions of scales, equivalent to increasing electricity generation by 210 billion degrees, saving 63 million tons of standard electric coal (tce) and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 150 million (tco2).

    The economizing amount of low heat value gas in metallurgical industry is taken as an example of 10 million tons of steel annual output: the average solar energy is calculated by 15% (conservative estimate), the power generation can be increased by 1 billion 100 million degrees, the standard electric coal is saved by 330 thousand tons (TCE), and the carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 780 thousand (tCO2). The application of this technology will create enormous social benefits.

    strategic cooperation

     The company and the "Beijing iron and Steel Research Institute" (sub ministerial central enterprises), "Shanghai Baosteel" (Deputy ministerial level central enterprises), "Beijing snow de dragon company (A shares listed enterprises)", "Zhejiang Hanpu technology" (private enterprises) to form a comprehensive strategic partnership. And in 2017, we established the "Guangdong Voda", "Wuxi Voda" and "Xichang Voda" controlling shareholder.

Address: B1410, Fukang building, 77 Gongkang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.



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